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POS for Restaurant

New Technology POS

Restaurant POS systems, include POS software and hadrware total solutions. multi-language Support, English, Chinese,etc.
Easy Use, fantasy features, support Dine, Delivery, or to go, Caller ID support, credit card payment processing.much more...

POS for Retail Store

Touch,Barcode Scan,Fast Order

Retail POS systems, easy use, support touchscreen input, barcodr sale, daily, monthly report, etc.
Fast handle order,using touch browse product, scan bar code, connect to digital scale input weight, customer sole display,inventory control etc

POS App, Online Order

Fast order using App

Mobile POS Systems for Restaurant, iPad, iPhone, iPod POS,orders send to kitchen directly, customers using apple app, or android app place order, customes orders will direct send to your restaurant computer, convenience, no manual key in one more time.

Why Use Gelong POS?

Gelong POS for restaurant, Create by Gelong Inc.. The POS acts as a cash register as well as a computer. In fact, the POS can consist of multiple stations, including credit card terminals, receipt printers, display screens, hostess stations and server stations. Having a POS system in place can add convenience, accuracy and save time in busy situations. In fact, is has the ability to perform a multitude of functions, including the following:
-Handle order to kitchens, fast processing order for daily kitchen works.
-Integrated Credit Card Processing, Record the method of payment
-Keep track of the cash in the cash drawer
-Create hourly and daily sales reports
-Allow hourly employees to clock in and out
-Record daily check averages for each worker
-Keep track of menu items sold
-Record information on repeat customers

Gelong POS software system for retail Store doesn't just replace your cash register. All a cash register does is show your cash flow for the day. It can't provide any insight into profit, inventory or best selling products. A computerized cash register, on the other hand, can instantly tell you how much money you have left in your cash drawer, and how much of that money is profit. It can also tell you how many of a specific product were sold today, and how many you have left on the shelf. It can even warn you to order more items when stocks get low.

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