DIY Restaurant POS, Do It Yourself POS, Point of Sale Systems DIY

How to DIY your POS systems

if you feel the POS systems is haigh buget, you can do it by yourself. we help lots of not local company setup a POS systems network.

How to DIY:

Step 1. you can order your budget POS hardware at some onlie store, such as  eBay, amazon.
The POS systems need touch screen, terminal computer, main server, or All In One POS Computer,  cash drawer,  Receipt Printer) and  router etc.

If you want order from mobile device, Gelong POS support iPad, iPod, iPhone , or windows 8 tablet.

The Receipt Printer is key device, Gelong POS support all windows driver receipt printer, but we can recommand some high value, stable , fit your budget printers, please  consulant us before you ordrer it

Step 2. You need Gelong POS software, our software developed the latest techonlogy , it is compatiable the new Hardware.

please Email to us .