Gelong POS Network Printer Install Guide

Step 1 Install Diver

Find Printer Driver file, double click

Step 2 Set up Network Printer

1. Start -->Printers and Faxes

Right click Printer Icon and click Properties

Go to Ports and Click Add Ports

Choose Stardard TCP/IP Ports and Click New Port...

Click Next

Input your IP Address

Choose Custom

Next and Finish

A a Stardard TCP/IP Port Created

Choose Form (CUT)
Choose more long page size

Print Test Page

if you have more than one same printer. Rename your prnter name and install driver one more time


如果你有多台型号相同的打印机, 安装好其中一台后,请将打印机名称修改一下, 如厨房打印机,然后再安装一次,又会出现一个缺省图标。同理可以安装多台打印机。